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Holistic Therapist - 2014

Holistic Therapist 2014 article

Good Health Australia - Mar 2012

Good Health Article

Daily Mirror - Sept 2005

"Before I saw Mairead sleeping was terrible" recalls Fiona 30, "I could never get comfortable and I woke every morning exhausted. My weight ballooned from 8st to 16 - too big for my 5ft 3 ins frame." For four years Fiona limped back and forth to her GP searching for a cure. Anti-inflammatory, drugs, painkillers, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage and hypnotherapy all failed. Then a friend told Fiona about Mairead. "I was desperate".

Mairead had started out practising Reiki 10 years ago but within a year her psychic healing gifts appreared. "When I held Fiona's hand I picked up that she had pain in her neck and upper back" says Mairead, "I sensed it had been caused by a car crash. Then I scanned Fiona's body psychically". Fiona was stunned by Mairead's accurate diagnosis. Mairead then worked on her. "Once Mairead had finished I stepped off the couch and the pain had virtually gone. After another two sessions it vanished completely. Before I was just existing in daily pain and depression but Mairead helped me to live again" says Fiona, "she gave my back my life and I'll forever grateful to her".

Top Sante - April 2004

"When I'm meeting Mairead the only thing I tell her is that I'm suffering from unexplained hair loss." In each session Mairead does a head to toe health scan using medical intuition and clairvoyance. "Five minutes later I am gaping in astonishment as Mairead tells me I've got potential problems with poor circulation, hormone levels and a weak right ankle. She's uncannily accurate - a trichologist told me weeks earlier that my hair loss was connected to a hormone imbalance and my right ankle has been clicky ever since I broke it ten years ago". 

Mairead Armstrong -